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Steel Forging Company in India

CertificateWe are a leading Forging company in India that manufactures different kinds of forged products in the market. We offer our customers with steel forgings that are applied in different industrial and domestic applications. Dinesh Industries is in the business of Stainless Steel Forging for several years now and we have served our customers to the best. Whether it is Carbon Steel forging or other material forging, we have mastered in latest technologies and our staff are experienced. We are equipped for different special operations such as Cold Forging or Open Die Forging. Our customers rely on our understanding of their requirements and the quality of operation at our facilities. We can also make closed die forging components and for customers who require impression dying, we can provide you with impression die forging. Our products are of international quality and we produce them in compliance with different standards adapted around the world. Our products are used in the electrical, domestic, aerospace, petrochemical, oil and gas, marine and pharmaceutical industries. We also supply Alloy Steel Forgings for use in high pressure and high temperature applications that require high strength and corrosion resistance properties. Please feel free to contact us for any requirements of yours and we will provide you with the best.