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Square Flange

ASME B16.5 Square Flange has a square surface of metal that attaches very tightly with the other attachments. It is a special type of flange and is used to seal the connections water tight in high pressure systems. Dinesh Industries is a manufacturer and supplier of these flanges in large scales. The Square Flange Dimensions vary depending on the systems they are used. There could be small scale flanges or large scale flanges depending on the application. The size of the flanges is determined by the Square Flange Standard which covers a certain range of nominal diameters for the flanges.

ASME B16.5 Square Flange

Square Flange

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The Square Flange Asme/Ansi B16.5 for example covers the square threaded pipe flange that range from ½ inches in outer diameter to 24 inches. The pipes and pipe lines of this size can use this particular standard of square flanges. It is not just the stainless steel that we make square flanges out of, but also in other material grades. Our Copper Square Flange is much useful in acidic environments where the corrosion risk is high.  In applications where the corrosion risk and strength requirement are low, the Mild Steel Square Flange could be applied. Sometimes galvanized Gi Square Flange is also used. Whatever your requirement is, we are ready to supply.

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Material Specification of ASME B16.5 Square Flange

SIZE: 1/2 inch TO 36 inch [10MM TO 900 MM]
Standard BS Flanges, ANSI Flanges, DIN Flanges, ASME Flanges, EN Flanges
Class 900#, 600#, 150#, 300#, 2500#, 1500#
Form Threaded / Screwed, Flate Face, Welding neck, Ring type joint, Slip on, Socket weld, Tongue and Groove, Long weld neck, Plate , Forged, Blind, Spectacle blind, Reducing, ASME B16.5

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Square flanges are used for between pipe-to-pipe or pipe-to-components connections. The pressure ratings for square flanges are available in 210 kg/cm², 280 kg/cm², and 350 kg/cm².

Dimensions of Stainless steel Square flange

There are three types of Square Flanges under this standard:

  1. SHAB – Used with hexagon hex bolts, larger flange body size (Figure 1)
  2. SSAB – Used with socket cap screw, smaller flange body size than SHAB (Figure2)
  3. LSA – Oring side only, L shaped internal flow (Figure 3)

Stainless steel Square flange

SHA Square Flanges

SHB Square Flanges
  • Impa Code: 734801 15A SHA
  • Impa Code: 734802 20A SHA
  • Impa Code: 734803 25A SHA
  • Impa Code: 734804 32A SHA
  • Impa Code: 734805 40A SHA
  • Impa Code: 734806 50A SHA
  • Impa Code: 734807 65A SHA
  • Impa Code: 734808 80A SHA
  • Impa Code: 734811 15A SHB
  • Impa Code: 734812 20A SHB
  • Impa Code: 734813 25A SHB
  • Impa Code: 734814 32A SHB
  • Impa Code: 734815 40A SHB
  • Impa Code: 734816 50A SHB
  • Impa Code: 734817 65A SHB
  • Impa Code: 734818 80A SHB
SSA Square Flanges
SSB Square Flanges
  • Impa Code: 734821 15A SSA
  • Impa Code: 734822 20A SSA
  • Impa Code: 734823 25A SSA
  • Impa Code: 734824 32A SSA
  • Impa Code: 734825 40A SSA
  • Impa Code: 734826 50A SSA
  • Impa Code: 734827 65A SSA
  • Impa Code: 734828 80A SSA
  • Impa Code: 734831 15A SSB
  • Impa Code: 734832 20A SSB
  • Impa Code: 734833 25A SSB
  • Impa Code: 734834 32A SSB
  • Impa Code: 734835 40A SSB
  • Impa Code: 734836 50A SSB
  • Impa Code: 734837 65A SSB
  • Impa Code: 734838 80A SSB
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Standard Equipment Square Flange Sizes

  • 150 Square Flange : 8 Holes Ø 10
  • 800 Square Flange: 20 Holes Ø 18
  • 250 Square Flange: 12 Holes Ø 12
  • 500 Square Flange: 16 Holes Ø 14
  • 200 Square Flange: 12 Holes Ø 12
  • 300 Square Flange: 12 Holes Ø 14
  • 600 Square Flange: 16 Holes Ø 18
  • 700 Square Flange: 20 Holes Ø 18
  • 400 Square Flange: 12 Holes Ø 14
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